Tash tour
Perspective Records
Epic Records


Drummer, DJ, and Audiophile


Currently on tour with Tash Sultana

Most recently Jesse has been bringing his soulful energy touring worldwide with Tash Sultana.

Perspective Records / Jakubi U.S. Tour

In 2016, Jakubi Signs major recored label with Perspective records.spent six months working intensely with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, spending 5-6 days a week in the studio, working one-on-one, jamming together into the early hours of the morning, writing songs and eating every meal together.

Epic Records / Jakubi U.S. Tour

Jesse is a founding member of Jakubi and signs with major record label deal with Epic Records. Scouted by LA Reid, Jakubi tours the U.S. four times selling out 300-500 cap rooms from New York City to Los Angeles.In between tours, writing and working with Macy Gray and Scott Storch (The Roots / Dr. Dre / 50 Cent / Beyonce / Nas) and supported legendary artists such as Sublime, Fishbone, The Suffers.